Google Drive Integration

You read it right 😉

Let’s get FusionDesk more secure by making your files directly upload into your google drive rather than on server because your files are confidential & we do care about your secirity as well as file protection integrate FusionDesk with google drive to make your work more secure & access all of your files from google drive & vice versa same for uploading

Get started with Google Drive integration now from Settings – General – Integrations – Google Drive Integration

Any problem or help please mail us at:

Thank You 🙂

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Customization Made Easy!!

Yes, we have come up with a fresh & new development idea & included it to the production too 😀


Now custom fields can be added by anyone from leads, invoices, estimates & much more where ever you feel like I should get one more field it is easy just away from few clicks to go  Settings – Setup – Custom Fields

Enjoy 🙂

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Lead Module Development

Hey, How’s it going with FusionDesk?

Well we here at FusionDesk has one of the most awaited module & that is “Lead Management” yes now you can manage your leads with ease without any hassle & convert your lead to client manage their billing & much more anyone if you are using 2.3 software please request for update so that we can include lead management in your system.

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Software Updates

Software Update 2.4

Here is the FusionDesk Release 2.4


[Added] Leads module
[Added] Integrate google calendar.
[Added] Show project deadline in event calendar with a filter.
[Added] Added the estimate sending email template.
[Added] Added activity widget for clients.
[Added] Added recurring tasks.
[Added] Added an “Assign to me” option to auto assign ticket to the current user.
[Added] Task due reminder notification.
[Added] Chart tab in Timesheets.
[Added] Added option to make public notes in projects.
[Added] Client settings for admin to set default dashboard for clients.
[Added] Added option to clone tasks.
[Added] Added option to clone invoices.
[Added] Added option to clone estimates.
[Added] Remember the lastly visited tab and show on next visit automatically.
[Added] Add labels for invoices.
[Added] Added a config to disable google preview. disable_google_preview.
[Added] Added estimate settings.
[Added] Added setting to set initial number of the invoice.
[Added] Import option to import clients from excel file.
[Added] Show tasks in event calendar with filter.
[Added] Added custom fields in tickets email template.
[Added] Added option to auto assign team member in estimate request.
[Added] Added config to disable adding new dashboard. disable_new_dashboard_icon.
[Added] Added notification when events edited.
[Updated] Users should be able to send estimate multiple times.
[Updated] Better responsive design for mobile view.
[Updated] In add new team members modal, show only active users.
[Updated] Some usability improvement on different UI.
[Fixed] Logo is not visible in public estimate form.
[Fixed] Can’t add custom fields in tickets.
[Fixed] Invoice total and statistics shows wrong.
[Fixed] Can’t get changes on notification list.
[Fixed] Can’t remove inactive users from the collaborators list.
[Fixed] Can’t download project files when linked with google drive.
[Fixed] Rich text editor is not showing when using tab key.
[Fixed] Top menu dropdown doesn’t works in iphone.
[Fixed] Notification count does not work in phone.
[Fixed] Imap ticket creation is not working for some emails.
[Fixed] Scrolling problem in project file comments.
[Fixed] Team members can’t attach document with estimate request.

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Software Updates

Software Update 2.3

New updates for the FusionDesk release 2.3

[Added] Dashboard customization option for all users.
[Added] Widget – Open projects list.
[Added] Widget – Starred projects list.
[Added] Widget – Users open tasks.
[Added] Widget – Users open tasks list.
[Added] Widget – Tasks kanban view.
[Added] Widget – All team members.
[Added] Widget – Clocked in team members list.
[Added] Widget – Clocked out team members list.
[Added] Widget – Latest online team members list.
[Added] Widget – Latest online client contacts list.
[Added] Widget – Total invoices.
[Added] Widget – Total payments.
[Added] Widget – Total due.
[Added] Widget – Todo list.
[Added] Widget – New/Open/Closed tickets count.
[Added] Upcoming events widget for clients.
[Added] Sticky note widget for clients.
[Added] Discount option on invoices.
[Added] Client wise timesheet filter option.
[Added] Added taxes in expense.
[Added] Added a config to prevent duplicate company name.
[Added] Added custom date range filter option for invoices, payments and expenses.
[Added] Language changing option on user level.
[Added] Re-ordering option on invoice items.
[Added] Re-ordering option on task checklist.
[Added] Added option to create/link projects from accepted estimates.
[Added] Added file uploading option when creating tasks.
[Added] Added option to change estimate requests from the list view.
[Added] Show a border/icon with the tasks where there is any unread comments.
[Updated] Design updated on settings section.
[Updated] Show the input date fields according to the date format setting.
[Updated] Show error message if client pays extra amount on invoice.
[Updated] Disabled comment buttons after submitting comments.
[Fixed] Invoice payments table subtotal bug fixed.
[Fixed] Leave application on event calender timezone issue
[Fixed] Tasks custom fields change log and notification.
[Fixed] Copy custom fields on cloning project.
[Fixed] Gantt timezone issue and UI bug fixed.
[Fixed] Leave application on event calender timezone issue.

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